Looking for old game.....

I used to play an old game (think it was on a Win95 machine).

It was very basic, and involved a square, where balls would be bouncing within it.

You had to click in the square, and it would send out a harizontal or vertical line. If the line wasn't touched by a ball before it deployed to the wall of the square, it became part of the square & "bricked out".

You had to get a certain percentage of bricking for each level you progressed (with more amounts of balls at higher speed the higher the level).

Can anyone remember what it was called (and if you can download it anywhere) ?



sorry, can't remember that game.
But do you remember dangerous dave!? :lol:

Sounds like Qix

I know the game you mean, used to like that game

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Thanks guys - not the game though.

With the one I'm on about, you only use the mouse (right clicking to swap between horizontal & vertical), the left clicking to shoot the line across the screen)

Grey screen, little red balls?


jez ball? Jazzball?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JezzBall

That's the one I was thinking of... Great game!


jez ball? Jazzball?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JezzBall

Thats the one I thought of - well remembered!

Original Poster

Thats the daddy - nice one guys

Rep left all round - just got to find where to download it from now !!

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Just tried the deluxe version (8 rounds only) - i like the old one better lol

Can you get the normal one anywhere free thats not a trial ?

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Yay - online, but not downloadable !
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