Looking for old PC game

My family's first PC came with a game called Whiplash. It was a car racing game, which apparently was also called Fatal Racing. It involved cars that resembled boxes on wheels racing round tracks that involved loop-de-loops etc.

Does anyone remember it and does anyone know where I could buy it?


I don't remember that one.

Remember 'Hard Driving', that was a classic...

Ooh, I remember that one. Awesome game. Might even have the CD somewhere still.

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Thanks. Downloading it now!!

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Thanks. Downloading it now!!

Downloaded OK...but wont run properly? Set it to run in Windows 95 but the colours are all messed up. Anyone any ideas?

Wow, that's a blast from the past, I'd forgotten all about this one.

Anyone remember another racer called Screamer? I remember reviewers proclaiming it to be the PC equivalent of Ridge Racer

Screamer is on GOG.com for $3 til 4 july AFAIR
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