Looking for online bicycle shop

just wondering if anyone know if there is a good online bicycle shop that has good price on mid/high end bicycles?


If my memory serves me rightly, Kommunist has a thread somewhere in the forum about good online bicycle shops.

if you are looking fro a complete bicycle to buy on line then try obe of these:


both have 'real' shops which you can see and feel the bikes which i would recommend unless you know exactly what it is like.

however if you are looking for parts and a signoficantly limited choice of complete bikes then try this site. It is one of the best around and used by 1000's of mtb'rs


i use all these and they are good value and very helpful to all levels & types of cyclists

As above..]http//ww…com have a particularly good reputation.

]http//ww…om/ have a decent range of bikes.

]wiggle.co.uk are another good one I've used for bits & pieces.

Bear in mind that if you go into your local bike shop (not Halfords) they will probably knock 10% off or even price match if you ask nicely plus you'll know whether the bike really fits you and they'll throw in a free service. Also, 2007 models are starting to come out so they will be looking to get rid of stock, so now through to October is a good time to buy.
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