Looking for opinions on faulty ebay item

    I have bought a dress from ebay. It is a Monsoon dress which is £180 in the shop. It was advertised as facory second for the reason that the straps are missing. Other than that, perfect unworn condition. I paid just over £90.
    However when it arrived it has other faults. There are places where the thread is starting to come undone, leaving holes in the dress. The seller says they knew nothing of the fault.
    I have told the seller that I would still have bid on this knowing of these faults, as I can get them fixed, but I wouldn't have paid so much, so have suggested they give me a partial refund.
    My question is: What would be a reasonable amount to ask for to be refunded?

    Thanks in advance for any opinions x



    However much it's going to cost to get it fixed, if she refuses ask for full refund after returning it

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    How much will it cost to repair? Ask for that

    the cost of getting it fixed would seam ;-) fair

    I agree with the above, if you would have bid on it anyway then just ask for the cost of the repairs

    If you paid by paypal you have 45 days to file a claim if the seller isn't forthcoming with any part refund,so your best option is to find out how much it will cost to get "fixed" and if possible get the price written out on letter headed paper so you can show this to the seller/Paypal if needs be.

    Personally if I was the seller I'd think you were trying to pull a fast one (if I knew nothing about the other faults) and ask you to return it for a full refund.

    It might be an idea to take pics and send them to the seller too.

    buy a new one from Mansoon, and then return the fault one to them


    buy a new one from Mansoon, and then return the fault one to them



    buy a new one from Mansoon, and then return the fault one to them

    you know thats fraud right :roll:

    Best bet is to either get a refund from the seller or get a partial refund to cover the cost of repairs... and as someone said, you have 45 days to open a paypal dispute so hold out for what you think is fair

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    I have sent pics of the fault to the seller and also given te option that I send it back for a refund.
    His words were 'I'm sure we can come to some arrangement'

    At the mo though, I'm just waiting for him to reply to my messages, I'm guessing I may hear somethiing after work hours.....hopefully anyway.

    Thanks all for your input....rep for everyone!
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