Looking for pay monthly Mobile

    Wanting to get a Pay monthly phone for no more than £20 per month and dont want the hassle of getting it by redemption. I must have looked at loads but only by claiming it through redemption could I get them.

    I would like a 12 month contract, £20 per month, 200 mins talk and 500 texts minimum per month. Phone free if possible or low price

    The phone must be half decent and any colour except pink or anything garish or illuminous.

    Do you think this is asking to much. Any network except 3 (heard they are carp) 02 if possible, probably not on a 12 month??

    Any other info needed then let me know.

    Thanks if you take the time to help.


    Most contract is 18mths now...

    sometimes it's best just to call the sales line for O2 and Voda etc. I called 3 days and each day got offered a different deal. I didn't give me details, just asked them for the best deal each time.

    orange do a monthly contract unlimited texts and 200 min for £15 but no phone but if you ring them up they can put you on 12mth contract for same price and you get phone my son did this and got the c902

    Hi, have you seen the o2 sims - for £15.00 per month you get unlimited texts and free calls to other o2 users. I'm thinking of doing it. Good luck.
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