Looking for PAYG fliptop fone on 02

    Hi all,
    I'm after a fliptop mobile to replace my LG 2200. It's currently locked to TMobile, and as they're not doing the great text packages like 02, I would like to swap over. I'm aware that it can be unlocked, but I am going to give my phone to my hubby who's happy to stay with TMobile.
    The best I could find at an affordable price is this one....…jsp?prodID=affiliate:MOT:V547:GROUP

    BUT, after reading the reviews, I'm worried about not being able to lock the side buttons, and a few other things. just wondering if anyone can find me a better deal.

    I would like bluetooth, MMS, camera and polyphonic ringtones, and pref as slim as poss
    Oh, and I don't really need a sim card with it, have plenty of those :lol:
    Thanks in advance.


    If you want a real girly phone (not that im being sexist lol)

    id go for this…692 (its £99 @ woolworths)

    ive had the above moto and i found it to be cack

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    Thanks for that, Dub1. Pink's not really my colour, but I'll try and find out if they do it in silver or similar.
    I have read some terrible reviews for that particular moto, so I'm still looking.

    These aren't o2 but they're a great deal and you can always use the £25 free credit then get them unlocked…nge

    they do that phone in silver as i had some for sale on ebay a while back in silver and in pink in silver is cheaper the pink is a special edition thats why its that price

    the nokia 2650 is a great flip top phone on o2

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    Thanks for the help, karma coming your way
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