looking for people to test a card game

Found 20th Nov 2016
Hey all

I'm looking for a few people who enjoy board and card games to help test one out I am developing.

The game is a 2 players strategy card game. Matches last no more than 15 minutes.

The game is currently available as a PDF PnP. To get involved all you need is a printer and some scissors.

If you are interested let me know.

Please note that the art work for the game is still being created and there are currently only 3 cards illustrated.


Yeah, I'll give it a go!


My group are meeting tomorrow night. If I have time to cut it we will play it.

me too please

I will be up for testing it

yep i will have a go too

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Thanks everyone. I am at work at the moment but I'll send the pdf to you all as soon as I get home.

definitely interested

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Hey all. Once again thanks for showing interest, it is really appreciated.
I have 2 version of the PnP. High Quality (Images where available), and Low toner (Just lines and text).

I have hosted on Google Drive.
Click HERE to access them.

Please note that this is in the extremely early stages so it may be unbalanced. Feel free to make tweaks and give feedback.

I am in the process of rewriting the rule book, so any feedback on that is also helpful.

(I've also messaged each of you with a link too)

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I would certainly be interested in giving it a test for you.

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I would certainly be interested in giving it a test for you.

​Brilliant, thanks.
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