Looking for Pre-owned Old PS3 or Cheap Slim

    Does anyone now where I can find a PS3, pre-owned or new less than £200.
    Or a cheap slim with no bundle or with FIFA 10, please as I'm looking for my sons birthday next week and he ly just said. i heard Blockbusters hs preowned PS3's but I've not checked that out yet.


    the bay is probably your best bet. or on here lately there seems to be many ps3 phats for sale for less than 200 which imo is about as good as its gonna get.

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    Yeah, im checking out Blockbuster tonight, last resort is Ebay as even though its cheap I'd rather buy from shop.

    i am selling one can put it a pic
    look at my threads


    I know where you can get a brand new one for £200 and wont have to pay anything till september 2010 post a reply if your intrested

    i have a 60 gb one the only one with 4 ports that you can play ps2/1 games on as well

    Where can you get one for £200 with BNPL?
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