Looking for Printable Iron on Transfer Paper

    Need to make 10 football kits so need 20 sheets, have seen online and on ebay but would rather buy from high street. Need them ASAP football tournament of Tuesday.

    Anybody please help me!!!


    WH smiths definately stock them.. and i saw some in staples too.

    not sure if theyd do a great job though! especially not for a shirt being thrown around a footy pitch

    also, if youre doing it on dark clothes, make sure you buy the paper made for that..
    the normal iron on stuff only really shows up on very light clothing

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    Great i have a smiths in Stafford only using the shirts for 1 day its a charity tournament at NIA so its all indoors anyway, thanks for the info any idea on price?

    £6.99 in ]Staples for a pack that will do 5

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    think this is the cheapest i can find hopefully its the same instore

    In the same vein...Anyone know the cheapest place to get the numbers and letters for the back of football tops? Can you buy them in packs? Thanks

    £3.99 for 5 sheets in Wilkinsons, got some the other day!

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    £3.99 for 5 sheets in Wilkinsons, got some the other day!

    Is that for the printable transfers or the numbers?

    I'll flog you 20 A4 sheets for 15 notes inc P&P .But ,there not the best option for football shirts.You can buy the proper letters or numbers from some of the web sites . Once on there last forever . The transfer sheet ones will eventually wash or ware off .Ok as a temporary thing though . I own one of the heat plates machines for putting the likes of these onto t-shirts and the like .Dont use it though .
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