Looking for recommendations for a cheap fast small form PC

    I am looking for a mini PC that I can hook up to a spare 24" monitor I have at home and can handle tasks such as Adobe Photoshop, multiple tabs in Chrome, multiple applications. Recommendations welcome. Preferable budget is about £150 -£200.

    UPDATE: Budget upped to £300


    I don't mean to be a pessimist, but I don't think you will get a photoshop ready machine for £150. Certainly not one that would be bearable to use. I would genuinely love to be proved wrong though.

    If you have 400 to 700 yes but you will not get that for that budget. Sorry

    Not sure Why Everyone Believes you need a High End system, for your budget there are some great options such as skylake pentiums, I just went to Novatech site (local store for me) and put together a good system for £219.59, If you shopped around you could get parts even cheaper, perhaps get a SSD from ebay or cex as can't find any cheap at the moment, I have picked up 120GB ones for between 20-30 but current they are 50-60.
    Here's the parts I quickly picked, just all from Novatech:

    With the rest of your budget £80, you could put towards a low end or used Nvidia GPU then you can get some good gpu acceleration (Application Specific). Perhaps spend £50 on a GTX 660/670 or new 1030 or similar then £30 for an extra 4GB of ram.
    Here's a 660 on eBay with the ablity to get cheaper by making an offer:…765?epid=127209196&hash=item33d26b8c75:g:7OsAAOSwXXxZUvBu
    A 60GB £22 SSD for :…380?epid=108296597&hash=item3ae9f3fc7c:g:XHIAAOSwSzFZX3Sm

    A New Low End Nvidia Card:…030

    CEX GTX 670:…2GB
    CEX 64GB SSD:…64G

    If you don't want to build yourself consider this:…eea
    Then Just add a SSD and perhaps a gtx 1030 for a very capable PC.

    Just checked and Photoshop does have gpu acceleration as thought, since CS4 and supposedly it gives access to more features that won't work without a GPU, though the CPU does have some integreated that are pretty good on Haswell you would definitely benefit from a dedicated card:…tml

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