Looking for recommendations on place to get cheap iPad

Posted 9th Nov
Fairly tight budget this Xmas and my eldest daughters are wanting iPads for Xmas. Any idea where I could get the cheapest refurbished iPad or iPad minis from please? Thanks!!
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Hello .. what is your budget?
JumpMan198009/11/2019 15:58

Hello .. what is your budget?

As cheap as possible although not one that’s not supported anymore if possible
You should go for a mini 5 of possible for longevity although price maybe too much but it’s got latest chip so will be supported for many years and also the mini range is cheaper than the rest
You can pick a mini 5 new around the £300 so dunno about second hand and it’s the A12 chip, I’d say the 6th gen iPad with the a10 chip is oldest chip I’d go for and they are around £250 new.
Hi what is the most you would spend
Remembering tablets can do the same thing as iPads (non-apple)
iPads are better
Got a brand new iPad air2 for £150 on eBay. The seller is ermku8 they have a few
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