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Found 18th Jun 2017

I really need to buy running shoes. I'm looking for some decent deals. Can you recomend any model?

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try sports direct that's were I got mine
Probably better to look on the runners world forum. You will probably get people telling you to measure your gate and stuff, some sports shops can do this for you. I personally like Asics GT2000 but its really down to what works for you. If you had no problems with your old shoes maybe look if you can get the same ones or same make at least. What you dont want to do is spend £50+ on a pair of shoes you don't get on with and end up not using them. Plenty of advise online but I have used this lot before: sportsshoes.com/sup…les
Go to a proper running shop and get your gait analysed. You'll end up paying around £100 for a pair, but if you over/under pronate or have high/low arches, you'll be saving yourself from a world of pain. Most good shops will even let you take the shoes for a run to see if you get on with them.

once you know what type of shoe you need, you can just buy them from Amazon etc and get the previous years model at discounted rates. I've even seen them appear in places like TK Maxx heavily reduced.

Your alternative is to buy a cheaper pair of shoes, and then try to fix any problems that arise down the road. which is what I did, but those months of knee pain and physio could have been avoided.
Great post by Mikey b. Beat me to it. If u weigh 9 stone and hit the floor with your forefoot first your shoe requirements are very likely to be different to a 17 stone heelstriker. ..
sportsshoes.com is the only place I use.
Avoid Sports Direct like the plague.
All shoes on pearl izumi are currently £39.99. Good tri, stability, cushioned and race. I rate mine run about 30km a week in them and do the job well.
just been sent a link to a site loads of cheap shoes use code sports20 for extra 20% off
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