Looking For Samsung X830 Mobile Phone Black or White on Contract or PAYG - NOT PINK!


    I am after the Samsung X830, (because I am after the smallest phone on the market). :thumbsup:

    Looking for a contract where the outlay is £15-20 a month, maybe for 200-300 minutes (this is realistic isn't it)?!

    Not too interested in cashback, (hassle), but I will use quidco.

    I would be interested in any 'extortionate' deals that involves a 'free' PS3.

    I am struggling to find any deals at the moment - the only one being -……739 which offers a Wii (already have one) but assuming that the Wii arrives after a month the £480 outlay lowers itself to circa £300.

    Alternatively can any retailer beat Tesco Mobile's Pay As You Go price of £129.99?

    Thank you all


    Samsung X830 (Black or White) is available for 12 months FREE on 12 month contract from Mobile Outlet + Quidco too

    Original Poster

    :thumbsup: Thanks edi

    It appears that this phone is on the verge of expiry from the marketplace, most deals are 'clearance' deals.

    Would be grateful if someone could provide the direct link to the 3 mobile website (for the following deal), I know that they are offering 500 mins for £15 a month with a (seemingly) basic handset, was a Nokia - randomly seen in a work colleague's red top this week.

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