Looking for She's Out Of Control DVD ** Please Help **

    as title....cant seem to find it anywhere....Amazon has used one's R1 but need R2.

    Anyone have it for sale ? Or Know where i can get it ?


    Original Poster

    Thanks but those are all VHS...I need DVD

    oh sorry didnt notice lol only one i could find was the region 1 dvd

    Original Poster

    yeah me too

    I checked IMDB to see whether there was an alternate title - but nope.
    Maybe you can get someone to copy the VHS to DVD for you?

    Wow! I just checked the prices on amazon marketplace - between £59.18 and £115.70!!! I've never seen such an expensive DVD!

    Original Poster

    Would like original if i can find it

    That's one pricey dvd

    Original Poster

    got a linky wombat

    Found them....WOW
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