Looking For Shirts, Trousers & Ties For Work?

    Hi there people. I am looking for good value quailty shirts,trousers and ties.

    Where is best to shop for these? I am thinking marks and spencers for the torusers? Looking at paying between 20-30 each for the torusers. Is M&S any good for trousers or better to look elsewhere?

    Same with shirts want about 3 to 5 new shirts? I here TM Lewin make good value shirts? Is it best to go with them or any other places just as good? Looking to spend about 20-30 pounds each on shirts.

    And same for ties please.

    Where would you recommend to go for these 3 items be it on high street or online. They dont all need to be the same place.

    And is there any offers on these anywhere at the moment or vouchers etc.

    Thanks for looking!


    Debenhams sale is quite good at the moment*min_price&storeId=10001*min_price&storeId=10001*min_price&storeId=10001

    Free delivery & returns
    5% code : PV69
    4% Quidco cashback
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    TM lewin make great quality stuff and they put some decent deals on every so often.
    They have a 4 for 90 on at the moment.

    Original Poster

    What's the quality of the stuff at debenhams like?

    Yeah I see that TM lewin offer any codes
    Or quidco for them?

    Anyone else?

    Original Poster

    So far then it is debenhams after work tonight to look at the trousers! I presume the sale online is in the store too?

    Then go the TM lewin shop and see what size shirts fit me then order them online!

    Original Poster

    I have so far placed an order for 4 TM LEWIN shirts thanks for the tip.

    Now am stuck on getting trousers what make should I go for and where best place to get good value trousers?

    I did go in debenhams today and tryed a few Jeff Banks trousers on which I liked. Typical they was full prince in the store and online where they are on sale all sold out so back to the drawing board?

    Anyone give me any ideas on really good value trousers. Looking to spend around 20-30 per trouser!
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