looking for simple, easy to use mobile phone including email facility

    Do not use that much so considering PAYG or contract depending on value

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    takes a standard sim and you should get double points on any clubcard points you have.
    I'd also recommend Giffgaff, but see if you can get same sim as person you call the most for free calls

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    Thanks - that looks just what I want and great value . Off to Tesco tomorrow !

    This video will help if your new to Android…jLo

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    Thank you - very helpful

    Android is simple and gmail is easy to get setup so pretty much any current phone with an up to date version of android should do all you do is sign into your google account and that s your email and everything set up!, Go on play store (by tapping on it!) to install apps and they appear in your app draw its designed to be simple and easy and accessible. Anyway you should go with a Huawei like dcx_badass says iv had a few and for price they have a great level of performance that wont put you off Android for life like some of the cheapo older out of date dinosaurs you might find in CEX second hand! Good luck
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