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Found 25th Jul 2008
Does anyone know if there are any deals around to obtain Sky HD, as an existing subscriber for less than the £150 plus fitting?

I don't mind paying for the box, I just object to paying for fitting when as when alreadyt a Sky Plus subscriber, all I need to do is swap boxes and make a phone call.

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Just ask sky to send you out the box and you'll fit it yourself. They offered me the box for £100 buti turned it down as there are only 25 channels what are actually HD so i didnt see the point xxx

If you have a friend who wants sky then this is your cheapest option

god thats confusing

i know virgin do a package for £25 which is the tv broadband and the phone

do sky do something like this ???

£25 with virgin? id like to know where youve found that, cos i aint got that! I have virgin plus, and i have XL TV, XL Phone, & Broadband and its £47 a month. Maybe the £25 one is small tv and small phone, xxxx

could be my nana and grandad have it

i dont think id want every channel anyway, movies iv prob seen every film. news n that dont care, i just care bout sports channels lol

lol xxx

im a while off that yet tho ill worry bout all that once im in.
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