Looking for some advice on building a pc (what to buy)

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Found 28th Sep 2008
Hey guys,

My laptop is on it's last legs so i'm looking to get myself a desktop built.

I dont have much money but i do want something that i will be able to upgrade each month.
Basically what i'm thinking is a good processor, good motherboard, 2gb ram, average graphics card. Dvd-writer. 160gb hard drive.

Once ive got the base unit down i will add another 2gb ram, get a good graphcis card etc.

Thing is ive been out of the desktop loop for a few years and so i'm looking to any gurus out there to give me a hand?


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A Keyboard !

Original Poster


A Keyboard !

Thanks :thumbsup:

I already have a keyboard, mouse and 22" monitor

ring scan.co.uk the can help:thumbsup:

When i built mine i used ebuyer, the deliver is a bit steep, but if your ordering loads then i think it's free over £50. Never had any problem with them.

I think you have listed everything you will need, the bit i found hardest was making sure everything was definitely compatible with each other, i found it helpful to find the motherboard i wanted, make sure you get the right form factor for the case you have/buy, then look at the reviews and see what other people have set up with that motherboard, what works well and not so well. I'm sure loads of people will have better advice and will be able to tell you more, but there's nothing like that feeling when you turn it on for the first time, hear that satisfying single beep and it boots from the XP CD first time. Good luck!!

Original Poster

Cheers guys. I will look at the places recommended and consider your advice when i make my purchases
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