Looking for some advice... Techy related

    I have an original xbox, which has been soft modded, can't remember if i put the evox dashboard on, but it does have XBMC I believe.

    I also have a western digital 500gb IDE Hard drive.

    Now I'm unsure whether to mod the two together and have a 500gb WD XBMC xbox and sell it on or to sell them seperately, unsure how much the IDE is alone, looking on ebay I think it can go for anywhere between £50-£80 + P&P

    I believe modding the 2 together would decrease the value of both, because I can't see anyone wanting to pay near £100 for a classic xbox with 500gb hdd.


    I believe:-
    You need a dvd to soft mod (I have used) when upgraded the HDD then I ran the Dvd that put the soft mod back on the new HDD.
    I would sell seperatly 10 for xbox (Locally) and £xxx for HDD (on here).
    Also check Xbox scene for BETTER info.

    Original Poster

    I should be able to get £30+ for a soft modded xbox, may keep it though.

    i know how to mod, was just a thought whether or not to put the hdd in the xbox or not

    If you can mod yourself, replace her and sell her on.
    Better than it gathering dust.
    If you want to go back to old HDD, can do that later.
    Just a 10GB HDD is worthless (I believe) but a Mod xbox and sperate HDD might get you more.

    All the best, you'll make the right choice anyhow.
    Good Luck lad..!
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