Looking for some CDrs and DVDrs pref decent quailty

    they dont have to be printable but the postage costs websites are charging are crazy!

    they will only end up chucked in the glove compartment of the car etc

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    if anyone is selling them I'm in Cardiff if postage would be an issue.



    Try here…php

    Penny sale is on so you can also get the plastic cases 10 for 2p


    You could do worse than this:…523

    It's £5.99 for 50 x 8x DVD-R disks delivered, plus there's quidco and a voucher kicking about on this site for 10% off, so it'll be a mere £5.49 delivered.

    I just bought some. Delivery is about 1 week and I've been using this media for years with great success!
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