Looking for some decents earphones

    Just bought ipod touch and want to get some decent earphones for it because standard ipod 1's are rubbish

    Don't want earphones with stupid price tag just resonable for the quality

    Don't mind what style as long as they are not them big things that go over the head with big ear muff bits because you look a bit silly walking down the street with them

    Anyone got any recommendations or know of any good deals around??



    Buy Sennheiser cx300

    Original Poster Banned


    Buy Sennheiser cx300

    cheapest i can find them for is 17 quid

    Spend £12, end up with two pairs of **** headphones.

    Original Poster Banned


    Spend £12, end up with two pairs of **** headphones.

    yeah been reading reviews on some different 1's and your right
    even cx300 aint got great reviews

    so now ive changed what im looking for now want some decent earphone with out a stupid price tag
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