Looking for some different Christmas Crackers please help?

    It is mine and my girls first Xmas in our house and we are having 6 people for xmas dinner. I want to find some crackers that will be a real laugh or talking point, has anyone seen any really cool crackers, with either retro gifts, joke gifts or just really posh stuff inside? Only need half a dozen, Budget is £15 MAX!

    Otherwise has anyone seen any cheap empty crackers anywhere that I could put my own stuff in? I would rather just buy them already filled though.

    Thanks a lot peeps.


    If I manage to get a place i'm going to buy GU christmas crackers. Chocolate inside. £6.50 at boots…91/

    Have you looked at debenhams site ordered mine from them free p&p and half price to.

    Bought some from John Lewis which have a racing penguin in each cracker and also has a "race track".
    Also got some from Lakeland which have "whistles" inside - each plays a different note and has music sheets to play tunes!!
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