Looking for some door locks

    Hi friend of mine is facing a bit of a rough patch and is having to take a lodger in to make ends meet.

    She's asked if I could install a couple of locks on her, and the spare bedroom doors to give both herself and any future tenet a bit of privacy and security.

    I'm looking for a yale, or yale type lock that can be easily opened form the inside, but needs a key from the outside.

    They will both be internal so the don't need to be the greatest brand or super secure, just something that keep the door secure.

    Does any one have any suggestions where to get a couple of cheap locks, or pointers as to what to look out for?


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    Thanks, the above advice is quite useful. I will defiantly be going down to b&q later to check those out.

    What I should have mentioned in my first post (it was late and I forgot :p) the door is an old style barn type door. A wooden frame with slats on it. As such its not very tick at all. Any idea if the above locks will still be applicable?

    Thank you.
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