Looking for some geeky/nerdy things to watch

    Yes I am a nerd and love the world I live in before anyone comes in with the typical and expected responses.
    I'm on a bit of a binge of some nerdy things to watch, looked at online lists but they always have the same stuff.

    Watched Pure Pwnage, The Guild web shows but want to expand that if possible to movies. Want something of the culture not just nerdy stuff like comics and sci fi. Want something like Knights of Badassdom, Zero Charisma.

    Hard to explain what I am after as I'd google otherwise. Just wondering if any of my people know of any good stuff.


    ascension of scifi channel (refuse to say syfy)

    whil weaton project, also scifi

    halo nightfall was okay, halo legends, halo red v blue by rooster teeth.

    continuum isnt too bad, a lot of it is compressed and could have used full seasoms

    final fantasy advent children,akira,fist of the north star?

    whil weaton project has the main woman of the guild on as a guest, the first episode has an awful laugh track but persist and it gets better, I think the women from tge guild was on a town calles eureka cloaet to the end. I know these are prob arent what uour after but thought id suggest anyway incase.


    Is Gotham something you would watch?

    Police academy 5 is on ITV 4 HD


    Frozen Planet - if you like the world you live in (_;)

    Scott PIlgrim vs The World is a good start

    Have you watched Gundam 00?

    Here is a small list of TV shows I've watched:

    Person of Interest
    NCIS: Los Angeles
    Breaking Bad

    Original Poster

    Wow, an unexpected warm response.
    Some good things to watch there, do watch all the comic/super hero shows already but wanted a more "lifestyle" watch of our world. Wanted a break from the fandoms for a bit. haha.

    Many thanks all, or seemingly my brothers and sisters.

    Everything on the Geek and Sundry youtube channel? It's all rather good. I especially enjoy Tabletop.

    Eden of the East is AWESOME. One of the few anime I've enjoyed. Irrc the first half is a series and the next 2 parts movies. Highly recommended.


    Watch Cosmos: A space odyssey.

    IT Crowd
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