Looking for some Glen Ness Whisky for a friend's birthday

Found 31st May 2014
A friend loves Glen Ness Whisky and I'd like to get him some for a birthday. Trouble is I can't find the blasted stuff anywhere! 12 Year Old is the one he likes but my web searching is drawing a blank. Can anyone find it anywhere online/in store please and let me have a link as I'm drawing a complete blank!
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A quick google suggests it may only be sold in the US. eg totalwine.com/eng…175
Some decidedly mixed reviews!
Seems odd to only be available in USA. I'm struggling to even find much about the brewer/distiller to be honest! My mate likes it, that's good enough for me. :-)

Indeed. One site suggests the following -

Glen Ness is a value-brand single-malt scotch. This expression is aged … Glen Ness is a value-brand single-malt scotch. This expression is aged for 8 years, making it very lightly aged for a single malt scotch.Glenn Ness appears to be a highland malt scotch that is a private label for Total Wine and Spirits. We're unaware of a Glen Ness distillery and at the moment are unsure where it comes from.

No, it exists outside of US: Link to european site

And I've seen it on Danish sites too. It's the 12 year old I'm after. That sounds wrong!
there is no such glen in Scotland!
The trade mark which was held by this distiller appears to have expired in 2011 which might suggest it's no longer produced and that the supply your friend has been buying is petering out now. You could contact the distiller and ask them.
Thanks Ceres - maybe they do the same whisky under a different name now!
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