looking for some old skates - K2 / Salomon / Oxygen Argon

    Hi everyone,

    Trying to get the little one in to skating (and re-live my youth a little). Want to find myself some 'familiar' skates. Can't remember too many of the models off the top of my head but remember the K2 Fatty, Oxygen Argon & Salomon [something]

    Can't remember if I took an 8 or 9 so will have to take my chances.

    Not after anything too battered, so let me know if anyone has anything, how much you want etc.



    I know how you feel buddy I found my Roces Khutis in the garage when I moved house but unfortunately my kids dont share my enthusiasm for skating especially knowing that I broke my wrist and knee cap as a result many moons ago!!
    So many memories spending my days down at the local skate park but unfortunately kids these days are more interested in instagram and xboxes!!

    ahh...classics. had the fatty's sc and pros. solomon st8s, 9s and mintons. Kept my last pair of remz and sometimes dust them off so I don't have to run after little man on his scooter. never any skaters in the parks anymore which is a bit sad though. it's seems to be all scooting nowadays. good luck on the hunt mate.

    I remember being desperate for a pair of roces skates when I was 11 and went on about them for months. I had been skating on some woolies specials since I was around 5 X)

    I got the roces for my 12th birthday in 1990 and went flipping everywhere with them, loved them. Those were the days

    My mum took me to a local sports shop to buy them and they were £79.99 and I was so happy, remember carrying the box home on the bus with the biggest smile ever

    They were in my mums loft for years and she threw them out a couple of years ago as they were water damaged. Really wish she had let me know as would have taken them back

    Sorry for waffling on and I know I'm not any help but I loved skating! Tried to get my youngest boy into it a few years ago but it didn't happen!
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    Original Poster

    Aah the memories! Mine is only 3 years old so is easily led and managed to find some inline ones small enough for him so thought it'd make for an epic xmas present to go out skating. I might have to hunt down some new ones if not and be 'down with the kids' :-(

    Still got my Marks and Spencers ones 70 years old !!

    Still remember the day when the American pro's such as Vinny Minton and Brian Shima came to the UK and popped to Preston Skate Park and I took them all to the local off licence in my sick ride (Fiat Panda 1.0)!! Awesome memories!
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