Looking for some outdoor lanterns for candles

    Hi, looking for some lanterns which hold candles and are ok for outside, i,e no big gaps in the lanterns etc,prefarably as wind prove as possible...... I am looking for them to hold candles which will be about 6-8 inches tall......... We got some before from aunaturale but have not been able to get hold of any for ages..... I dont want expensive ones because they could get stolen, probablys up to a tenner at most....

    Seen some in Morrisons a while back but never got them (wished I had now)

    Hope someone can help me because i am really struggling to find some of these



    Next had lovely big ones & Ikea

    Pundland (or maybe 99p store) were selling the oil lanterns, and they work really well, probably better than the candles ones, as they burn for a lot longer. Maybe worth a shout, as an alternative?
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