Looking for some PC advice as I know nothing

Posted 17th Jun 2020
Can anyone tell me if this is okay or is it a waste of money? Thank you itzoo.co.uk/col…-10
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Depends what you are doing on it
projextxuk_reviews17/06/2020 18:06

Depends what you are doing on it

My wife likes to play metin it's a very basic game and just for general use
That's a pretty bad CPU, a Pentium G3250 which is only dual-core. This core i5 pc has double the cores for a similar price: ebay.co.uk/itm…304
Decent CPU and plenty of memory. At 2013-14 you could probably get something a bit newer for that price if you hunted for it.

Not ideal for gaming as it was the last generation of Intel CPUs where all the Pentiums came with half the graphical power of the rest of the range. From 2015 ('6th Generation'/Skylake) only the cheapest Pentium models had the half power graphics and the rest were on par with the other models.
For basic office work...
Thank you
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