Looking for some surround sound advice

Hi all, Iv decided the next addition to my media setup should be some surround sound! I have no clue what to look for and I understand I need to make sure i get something compatible to what I already have?

So far I have:

Samsung 1080p Tv (has a spare hdmi input)
Xbox 360 (hdmi)
Sky+ HD (hdmi)
a Wii
A Digihome freeview recorder

Can someone please point me in the right direction?



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cheap! Ideally £100-150

I dont mind looking for it myself, just looking for an idea of what features i need to make sure i get? It will be used for films, gaming and tv..

You are better off buying something like ]this than a dvd player type setup imo. You may have to pay a bit more though.

I just bought a panasonic upscaling 5.1 system from comet for £149 (reserve or web order to get that price, otherwise £169 there and at other places).


It only has one digital audio input though, but for my needs its fine as I wanted my xbox connected to it. I believe you can get audio switchers so you could have your sky and xbox connected to it, but would require visiting the setup to switch the inputs each time.

Can anyone recomend a setup without a DVD player? I dont need need one as already got blu ray.

I want to connect the same devices as mentioned by OP

Richersounds do a basic sony hdmi av receiver for your budget, handles 3 hdmi inputs, so only one hdmi lead to your tv. richersounds.com/pro…500

Of course you still need speakers to go with that.

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you reckon these are any good for a budget set?

I have a very similar setup to yours. A few months ago Currys were doing some mad clearance items, and I managed to bag a very nice Samsung home theater kit for £40! (I've put a link below) Have a look in your local Currys - there may be some clearance stock still knocking about. Also try Comet, they have a few clearance items going cheap sometimes.

I've just bought a wall bracket and mounted my TV. Got bored of trying to find a media player - there's so many to go at, so I just stuck my old PC in a trendy new case and put that under my TV, with my PS3 and home theater kit.


To be honest i've been looking into this for a few weeks now. I have a similiar setup to the OP and I will be going for this I think:


And these:


Granted its pricey but a great system that will stay current for a few years! The cheaper model of this does not carry Audio over HDMI.
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