Looking for some Uggs

So my friend is after some Tall Classic Ugg's in Chestnut for Christmas.

I've had a look in he deals thread which dates back sometime and most deals are expired. But the price of these things seem to vary from between £100-£200.

Obviously i'd rather pay the lower end of that but the retails i've looked at all seem to be the more expensive end of this.

I've also be warned about fakes, can anyone give any advice as to what to look out for?

Thank you.


The writing on the back should indicate fakes..

The 1st G should be bigger than the 2nd.

Like this...


If you are going to buy online here's a list of authorised retailers as per UGG Australia site:


Here's what UGG Australia say to look out for:


Hope that helps you

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Thanks for the above info guys. I am completely clueless about the brand, they don't really jump out at me, and I fail to notice the difference between the genuine ones and the £2.99 pair from the market. But they are wanted as a gift I will will get what I can.

Mrsj, I checked the sites you mentioned, m&m are limited, shudoo and office have them but hoping to find cheaper if I can. If not I'll go back there. As for cost co, do you have any idea if they will be significantly cheaper and weather its worth paying for membership to purchase them, and is it open to business, or only trade?

Thank you.

costco in oldham,manchester has none left so i would say prob not worth payin membership as they had mostly the cardy ones in anyway

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I have no issues paying £100, but a little wary of paying closer to the £200 side of thing. But that's what they retail at, so that's what you have to pay if you want them.

Reading up on the guide to fakes it make you very wary of ebay, yet i've seen them going there for £80 to £100 and sellers getting good feedback ] Here for example.

Would anyone here recommend against this?

Thanks again for the advice, this post comes from someone who wears sensible shoes to work and vans the rest of his life, and zero clue on any other footwear.

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bump. Any one had any bad experiences from ebay sellers?


bump. Any one had any bad experiences from ebay sellers?

Most Ebay sellers sell fake ones,usually the price gives it away,some people know they are buying fakes so of course leave good fedback,some people have absolutely no idea they are fakes and again leave good feedback because they are clueless.

I would avoid Ebay at all costs for UGGs

The problem you have is the chestnut ones are hard to come by at a reduced price as they are so popular.

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That makes a lot of sense. Both sides of the argument. Why would some folk be to bothered if they are indistinguishable from the real thing, and also why would any retailer discount them if they sell so well.

I guess I was hoping niavely they were imports taking advantage of a favorable exchange rate or something.

Thanks or the advice. Rep to all the above posters.

I was just thinking... if you see an Ebay seller offering the boots that youre looking for, why not just go for them? Chances are they ARE real, as Ebay automatically ban reported sellers of counterfeit goods, I do not believe for one second that people leaving good feedback are all happy at paying high price for fake boots, or are clueless. I do think they probably ARE genuine imports being sold cheaply. Ugg don't want you buying the real thing cheaper, so it's in their interest to scare people off Ebay, etc.

If you pay by PayPal, and the boots do turn out to be counterfeit after being advertised and sold as genuine,, you are fully protected and will get a refund, if not from the seller, then from PayPal.

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That's a completely different train of thought that I was looking at, but you are very right. Honestly, I would rather not buy fakes, but the other way off looking at it is;

If Uggs insist you buy from an authorized retailer to avoid fakes, then they have the power to control the prices by naming the outlet as a dealer.

I guess by becoming a dealing you have to abide by their terms, they then scare people into only buy from their details to protect there image as a luxury product and sustaining high profit margins.

By lowering the prices drastically or selling on ebay falls outside there rules, so they label them fakes to ensure you shop from a dealer at their prices.

As you say, there is a good feedback and buyer protection so i guess it couldn't hurt. Plus worst case scenario (and I really hope this doesn't happen but I would be none the wiser) they could be fakes, but could so good I may never even notice the difference.

You can tell the difference because after some wear,on the Fake Uggs,the heel collapses at the back and you end up walking over on the shoe,the real ones don't do that.

forgot to add...... if you sign up with Shudoo, you get money off codes every 6 weeks or so. One at the moment is 20% off. Have a nosey through this MASSIVE forum to find the latest deals ]http//fo…doo
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