Looking for something to play music/podcasts with a speaker

Posted 30th Sep 2022 (Posted 16 h, 7 m ago)
I am looking for some device to either download music/podcasts or stream them for cheap. My idea was getting a mp3 device and then getting a echo show as speakers and have them playing at night for sleep etc but also thinking doing the same but with a cheap phone.. Is there any decent devices I can use that can download music/podcasts but also have a speaker for a decent price total would around 50-100£ max
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    Buy a cheap or slightly older decent brand Android tablet or phone you'd get far more functionality and use from it plus the storage for podcasts etc as well as be able to use it for all types of media and YouTube , Spotify etc or buy a Google home hub with screen
    I've decided on the echo show 5 and then just buy a cheap phone i guess
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    If it's for this user alone then an Echo for 3rd Gen (puck shape) is £16.99 at the minute. If you don't need a screen etc then it's a great device. Sounds is easily good enough for music and podcasts streaming 🏻. Bargain
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    The Echo Dot 4th Gen is now to be had for £20. It makes a great Bluetooth speaker. Any old Android phone will make a fine MP3 device, play thru an Echo Dot for good sound.
    Ive gone with a echo show 5 2021 and now just need a decent phone