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Found 4th Oct 2007
Hi, i am looking for somewhere to host my website geocities.com/dan…man that includes a 'proper' domain address. Ideally it would be somewhere free but as this is unlikely then somewhere that costs very little would be just as good. can anyone help?

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Free!! you must be joking, they will give you space, pay for your domain name and if you go via quidco you get a fiver to boot.


Simple/Cheap and PayPal baby!
Well, you can get 12 months hosting for £1 by clicking hotukdeals.com/for…914

And you could get [url]www.danbertman.co.uk[/url] for £2.59 a year for two years from ]here.

I've just signed up to both of these services and i'm very happy so far, but for your hosting you could upgrade to the next package for £9.99, as I did. See the details hotukdeals.com/for…654
I wont even go into the reasons why you shouldnt go for free web hosting, or cheap deals. But put it this way - last year I paid £1 for hosting, forgot to canel 90 days before hand, and without notice a whopping £90 bill, plus additional charges lands on my doormat.

Over the last 4 years I have had hosting with dozens of companies, and none of them can guarantee you the speed, security and functions you will need. Plus none of them give a damn about their customers who get stuff for free - you will get no replies to your emails, and no help when your site gets hacked, or goes wrong... because at some point it will.

Finally found a place that offers cheap hosting (£1.99 a month), super quick speed, I've had 100% uptime, grade A customer service - hey even helped me install my site and make some changes to it - and above all actually give a damn.

I'm not affiliated to them by the way - lol. They are just damn good people to deal with.


I do have a 10% code voucher that they sent me for my next site, but I get a bulk deal anyway as I already have every one of my sites hosted with them, so your free to have it. Just let me know and I'll dig it out and PM you the code.

The help I've got from these guys has been tremendous, honestly they have saved me hundreds in professionals and templates - so for £24 a year, well £21 if you want the voucher, you honestly cant do any better.

Oh and you can pay it on a monthly basis via paypal, so you dont have to pay it up front, theres no cancellation charge, and you get a whole load of extras including email inboxes etc.

Worth a look.

Good luck with your site!
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