Looking for Star Trek: The Original Series on HD-DVD for the cheapest I can get it as its the last HD-DVD I want for now at least.

    As the title says I want Star Trek: The Original Series for as cheap as I can get it. Rep added for anyone who shows me a £20ish or Cheaper

    Thanks All


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    Bump and hoping someone knows who can get lovely REP

    Roughly £25 from Australia. They say postage would be about another £10 but I ordered it with another 2 films, got a Harry Potter added on for free and the whole lot including postage was just over £35!…765

    Cheapest I have found is here:

    Around £36 delivered (poss customs on top if u get caught!)

    I think it will become cheaper as more places discount titles, just wait and be patient is my advice!
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