Looking for stockist of high temperature G9 240v 25W Halogen bulb

    Is needed as a replacement for my oven bulb which has just blown.
    So far searches have only found G4 oven lamps not G9's

    High temperature bulb (300C) is required as its for inside of an oven. Normal G9 wont do.

    Having trouble locating such lamps.



    or sieve through this!

    Just looked at the ours and it's the same and we got it from wilko's.

    They on ebay too:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    These are all standard G9's
    I know most of those web sites well.
    I have heaps of standard G9's in my garage for use in other lights, and stage/disco lights.
    Looked on eBay and Google for hours no joy.

    What I am looking for is 300C high temperature for use in an oven. It is a reaplacement for my overn lamp,

    Osram do G4's at high temperature on there site/catalogue and at some stockists you have listed have them on their site. But not high temp G9's The prices difference for a standard G4 comparted to a high temp G4 is minimal. Cheapest quote I have had for a high temp G9 is £30. Ouch!!!

    Our oven has pyrolysis cleaner and inside can get upto 300C which is why I need high temp spec'd bulb,

    Did you ever sort this I have the same problem with a DeLonghi Oven

    me too - same issue need high temp 300c G9
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