Looking for sub-30 Wireless PCI Express Network Adapter

    Hi All,

    I have a 802.11g Router for 54Mbps so the below card is quite a overkill: D-Link DWA-556 Xtreme N Wireless PCI Express Network Adapter £44.99 Free Delivery from…tml

    I used to play games a lot so I know the difference between a good wifi card and a bad one - Nowadays I play no more RTS games so I just need a good branded card to cater for Browsing/FTP downloads.

    Anyone know a cheaper card that costs less than or near 30 Pounds? It need to be PCI-Express x1 because there is only one PCI slots and it is taken by my Sound Card.

    Many Thanks!



    In case you've not found one yet. The Abit AirPace PCI-Express card is only around a tenner. T'is only 54g obviously.

    Been using one for well over a year now, excellent sensitivity for me (where my laptops and other people's laptops might only get 2-3bars, this would get 4-5. And more importantly when they wouldn't get a signal at all, this would get one albeit at around 1-3bars).

    EDIT: forgot link:…=wf

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    Wow nice find! Many thanks for your link! How did you find this card?
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