Looking for teasmaid!!

    My mum has said she quite fancies one of these and as her birthday is next week thought I'd ask to see if anyone can recommend, or has seen a good deal. She is a teabag and water type drinker - no milk or sugar, so says it will be handy if she wakes up early but doesnt want to risk waking my daughters by nipping down to make a cup of tea...She would prefer if it could be set to a timeralarm?

    Similarly I am after a decent coffee machine - preferably with ability to make frothy milk etc as kids love it with chocolate flakes..I like bean to cup machines, but want something without too much fuss as its only really for me...havent tried the pods so not sure what they are like? If anyone has a decent machine they are gettng rid of due to upgrade then feel free to put an ad on for sale and pm me to let me know its listed!


    I have a tassimo machine and its fantastic. It also makes a variety of teas as well as coffees and hot chocolate

    After having a Gaggia for over a year, I can thoroughly recommend them as a brand - the best coffee I've ever tasted, and simple to use and maintain.

    Unbelievably you can still get the old fashioned teasmaid type machine. Unbelievable because they went out of fashion when people realised that they weren't so good and automatic kettles were invented. If you want one and can afford it it's here…spx
    You can of couse buy them 2nd hand as they are now collectors items ( also unbelievable)

    I have a spare senseo somewhere. If your anywhere near portsmouth I'd be willing to stick it in FS/T. (Posting probably not worthwhile given size/weight).

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    I'm in Scotland - near Dundee - so a long way away - if postage wasnt ridiculous then would be interested - if not, am sure someone else wil take it off your hands!
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