Looking for the best contracts with phones circa £10

    My phone got robbed last night and so I have the task of finding a new phone. Fortunately my contract has recently run it's period so I was looking to upgrade anyway.

    Will also consider stonking sim only deals as I still have a backup phone.


    try e2save that's where I've ordered most of my previous contracts from

    Try giffgaff, I've been with them for two years it's payg tenner a month gets you a gig of data unlimited texts and 500 odd mins

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    just to fill you in. My current rate is £7.70 a month and that's 250mins, 5k txts, 500mb

    So looking to at least match, if not better that, with a fairly modern/decent handset, think I want to aim for android this time. done apple and windows now.

    Tesco mobile have the Moto E for £7.50 per month 250mins, 5000txts and 500mb data.…847

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    Thanks man, I've seen that one popping up a few times.

    Is that the best bang I'm going to get for my buck?
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