Looking for the best price on Euros

    Im looking for the best price, i have seen them at 1.26 but this seems really low, anyone have any better prices? I need them by thursday!!

    Would be grateful for any help, cheers


    Try travelex online. They were the best when I got euros in January to go to Dublin. You only get their best rate if you order them online, but you only have to give 24 hrs notice and then you can pick them up at whatever airport you are flying from as they all have travelex desks.

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    I will check it out thanks for your help

    Yeah, as always Travelex will come up among the best 1.271 last time I checked

    Marks & Spencer usually have very good rates, though I always use my Nationwide card when abroad(best rate possible) with no charges.

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    I do have a nationwide card myself but was a tad wary as i wasnt sure if i would get a good price, can i just use it at an atm?

    Been pricematched less 2 weeks ago at 1.30 euros for 1£ by thomas cook in Stratford / London. I managed to find a money exchange high street shop in Strand / London for 1.31 when Thomas Cook's agent would've only given me 1.28. When told about it they've raised the figure at 1.30. I think is only about how much you'd want to exchange. I've exchanged £3.500. At small sums it doesn't really matter.
    Hope it helps..

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    thats brilliant thanks for your help i will check it out rep added

    I always take sterling to wherever it is I go, (not travellers cheques) and change it there.

    The best way, I find, is to get a Nationwide credit or debit card then use it in an ATM abroad.

    Have a nice time anyway.


    another recommendation for Nationwide - best rate by far because they don't charge the 2.5-2.75% commission that all the other cards do - they hide it in the exchange rate.

    ATM's everywhere (where are you going) and rate probably will be 1.30 ish but obviously changes everyday.

    I have ordered from Travelex for the past 4 years and collected it at the airport. Last year read the information on and got travelex to match the shop in london. I got a cheque with the difference waiting for me on my return.

    The lady who served me said I got a BETTER deal than their staff rate and wanted to know how I did it :-)
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