Looking For The Best Sound Quality Headphones In White Over The Head For Around The £50 Figure

    Anyone know if any deals want loud ones with good bass and sound quality so i can feel the music and get lost to forget about the world and my problems haha that sounds so depressing thanks in advance to everyone who helps me.


    Find some decent sennheiser Ones and use UNiDAYS code to get 25% off.

    AKG K430 or Sennheiser PX100 are both great for the money. I'm not sure whether you're looking for on ear or over ear, but those models are both on ear. They're both foldable and come with a case too. Shop around on price though as I've found both in the past for under £35

    I forgot to mention the Sony MDR10RC, and they're a bit heavier at the bass end too!
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    Px100 are good cans but not closed back.


    Px100 are good cans but not closed back.

    The OP didn't specify open or closed back, or on ear / off ear. I agree, out of my three picks, the Sennheisers are the least "punchy", but I do like their clarity and openness particularly for their size & price.
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