Looking for the best Xbox 360 deal

    Hey All

    Right, Im looking for the best BUT cheapest deal on an xbox 360. Obviously i want to get as much for my money as i can.

    It is only the console, pref arcade as its the cheapest one, i need. So whatever games, accessories etc come with it i will sell on to make it even cheaper.

    Im currently away of the Woolworths 10% off which brings the arcade console + wireless entertainment pack down to £117

    Can i advance any better than that?


    yeah maybe if you buy pre-owned from game u can get 60gb for 129.99 or arcade for 99.99 i think

    I've found the Arcade with COD for £127 (with the new VAT rate) at PC World.

    Get £27 cash for COD at CEX making it a nice round £100.
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