Looking for the cheapest of the cheap DIVX Player for a mate!

    My mate is pretty skint atm so £20 is the max price

    can anyone help me find the cheapest of the cheap DIVX Player for a mate!

    Also like to note not from ebay !!!



    £20 DivX players are sometimes hard to come by... they are usually specials from ASDA or LIDL which do not currently have any at that price. The closest ones I can think of is:…tml

    It's £19, but with delivery it's around £26 i think.

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    ok cheers for that i will keep looking for her thou and if i find one that she buys i will put it on here

    Lol, you want one for £20 delivered? No chance mate, that is the cheapest you will get in the link above.

    Go on lend her the £6, you know you want to.

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    yeah just ordered that for her, the skanks at pix put a loyalty card in the basket for 8 sodding quid and there was no obvious way to delete it!!
    [SIZE=2]Worked it out in the end thou![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]WAS £28.10 for standard delivery thats a joke at amazon thats like express delivery!!!!!!!![/SIZE]

    Yeah I agree - Pixmania's delivery charges take the micky compared to other online retailers... Though sometimes their specials are low enough for the high postage to sometimes be forgive (but still... £8 damnit!! that's 5 or 6 pints at my union :P)

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    The Dvd player came today and it had a sodding French plug on it. WTF it did not mention that on the website plus its a joke that delivery took a week when it cost £8.10

    I have found out this week that Pixmania is a french site after there was a debate on here about some foreign sites are allowed and some are not.

    But I think what has happened to you is a complete and utter joke. Surely they are not allowed to advertise things to the UK market and then ship out French products?

    Can they get done for this?

    Le DivX player!

    Is this still the cheapest DivX dvd player currently available ?

    Anyone know if any of the ones Asda sell are DivX compatible ?

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