Looking For The Cheapest Way of Getting A Desire HD With 3G Internet Package


    I've been with t-mobile since 2009 and have always been on Flext 35 (18 month contract), with web 'n' walk plus, coming to about £36 a month. Current phone is a HTC Hero.

    My contract is due for renewal in April. I currently use about 15 quid of the £180 credit they give me per month and drastically want to reduce my monthly outgoings but really can't keep using the Hero which is slow and has a number of reliability problems.

    My question is:

    >>>>>>>>> First option: when you do the whole threaten to leave thing I've heard of either people getting away with slashing their monthly bills or reducing to a cheaper tariff. Is it possible however to get a combination of:

    - Change to cheaper tariff // or // slash price of my current tariff
    - Keep the offer of a shiny new Desire HD?

    Annoyingly in the past they've referred to me as a "non-premium" customer - apparently this is how they describe someone who pays a stupid amount of money per month for a contract but only use 10% of the provided minutes. How this makes me worth less to them than someone who uses 90% of their tariff, I have no idea (surely they make more money from me because I'm paying through the nose for practically zero network usage?!), but apparently this thinking nonsensically makes them less likely to pull out all the stops to keep me on as a customer.

    >>>>>>>>> The second option of course is to sod t-mobile off and go with another provider - in this case what's the cheapest way of getting a Desire HD? I've worked out that purchasing the phone PAYG or sim-free then getting even the cheapest of the 3 or 'giffgaff' deals would still end up with me paying the same or more than I currently do with t-mobile. What's the best deal? or would I get a better deal threatening to leave t-mobile despite being 'non-premium'?

    Worth pointing out again that I really do not use that many minutes and texts - my main usage is internet. (Hence being p!ssed off at t-mobile for effectively reducing my 3GB monthly allowance to 500MB as of end of my contract. I've only yet come just under 500MB per month... but I like knowing that the capacity is there should I start to use more Spotify-esque services )

    Sorry for the lengthy post, any advice would be very gratefully received.


    Hi I have a mint condition DHD for sale for only £275…036
    You could then get this sim only deal for £15 a month with 600mins,500mb internet and 500 texts and get £ 20 cashback…le/. Or you could try and downgrade your existing contract to sim only if it is cheaper/better.…fs/

    Admittedly I was a new customer to T-Mobile but even on launch week I got the desire HD on the £20pm tariff and with a cost up front of £140 making the effective 2yr cost £620 or £25.83pm. I would expect by now to be able to get the phone for less than that on the same tariff?

    Guess I would ve classed the same on renewal as I doubt I even use 100min or texts per month but doing the maths the cost for the 10pm tariff plus phone cost against that tariff was only £40 less so figured a couple of quid extra per month for 500more minutes 400more texts was a fair price to pay.

    BTW when I was going through negotiations it seemed the discount on the phone cost was always £140 off the current advertised cost for the phone on each of the tariffs suggesting they had a fixed discount amount they could apply rather than a percentage discount of phone cost. Then went away worked out the cost for each tariff and phone price paring with this fixed discount applied



    bit of info, as an existing customer, u keep your 3gb as long as you kick up a fuss. stay with the best 3g network and get your well deserved discounts
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