Looking for the following bits...

    ...Need them cheap as poss? Cashback?
    Am just settling in with a cuppa and will get hunting myself but you guys are amazing with searching for deals so I thought I would leave this here and maybe you can help me?
    Thank you all in advance

    I am needing...

    Karaoke Machine (for 8yr old girl, must be able to change the cd?)
    Littlest Pet Shop VIP Interactive pet
    Pink De Li Waybuloo
    Imaginext TRex Mountain
    Icecream Parlour (Let's Cook)
    Smoothie Maker (Let's Cook)

    Thank you all again :):)


    have you tried boots as they got 3 for 2 on all gifts??

    Original Poster

    I have, that was my first call last night when I wrote the list down.

    The icecream parlour is out of stock, they don't do the smoothie maker, they do however have the vip littlest petshop but they don't have the trex mountain or the pink de li, I haven't searched for karaoke on there as I wouldn't had been able to take advantage of the 3 for 2, although I am gutted as I know they are doing £12 worth of points for a £50 spend online and instore, my store here is very very small and has only a small selection of gifts With 4 kids I'd prefer to buy online but I can nip into cambridge and look there too closer to the time though

    woolworths and littlewoods etc do the 3 for 2 also

    they have the 2 lets cook things in stock and the little pet shop thing

    £5 of £25 voucher…rth

    and free del (not sure if both can be used at same time)…-uk

    toysrus have some of the pet shop VIP's at £4.99 not much stock online but my local (norwich ) had quite a few instore last time i went…jsf?fh_eds=%EF%BF%BD&fh_search=pet+shop+vip&fh_view_size=10&fh_start_index=0&fh_location=%2f%2ftrus%2fen_GB%2fcategories%3C{trus_trus}%2fitemtype%3dproduct&omitxmldecl=yes

    they also have some of the let cook stuff…jsf?fh_eds=%EF%BF%BD&fh_search=lets+cook&fh_view_size=10&fh_start_index=0&fh_location=%2f%2ftrus%2fen_GB%2fcategories%3C{trus_trus}%2fitemtype%3dproduct&omitxmldecl=yes

    argos have the smoothie maker & icecream parlour aswell

    toysrus also have di li plush with £2 off at £14.99…jsf?fh_eds=%EF%BF%BD&fh_search=de+li&fh_view_size=10&fh_start_index=0&fh_location=%2f%2ftrus%2fen_GB%2fcategories%3C{trus_trus}%2fitemtype%3dproduct&omitxmldecl=yes

    you may be able to get enough from toysrus to get free delivery i think it is £50 spend to get free del.

    hope this helps.

    Original Poster

    thanks guys
    just mooching my way through them now whilst the kids are having tea
    I cant seem to get either woolies code to work...whats the chances that a littlewoods code would work?

    have you checked additions online, they are doing 3for2, plus code for 15 pounds off first order. woolworths doing 3for2, gus cat as well. advertisement for whsmiths last night for half price toys. Hope it helps.
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