Looking for the name of a movie, film buffs!!!

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Found 24th Dec 2014
It's so frustrating because I want to watch it and any help would be appreciated here.

All I know (or think I know) about the film is:

1) it's kind of like a mystery/physchological thriller possibly horror. It's suppose to be really freaky.
2) I think it was released in the last few years if not very recently
3) isn't very famous but not sure if it's an indie film
4) in the trailer, it features a woman with dark brown hair whos hair is falling out, and her skin is turning all saggy and stuff. She's in a kind of shabby looking apartment. I imagine her teeth would fall out too.

Thank you if you get it


Why not go on to amazon instant video service and browse the horror section-the dvd covers may jog your memory?

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Sounds a bit like bad boy bubby

a really freaky film


even freakier and more than a bit sick

requiem for a dream


Ghostbusters 2?

Drag me to hell?


is it the recent one where a woman does a deal with a cult leader(or something like that) in order to be famous?

if it is that one I made a point of never remembering the title because it was so bad
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Contracted ?


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Original Poster


Contracted ? trailer

Got it! Thanks Have you seen it?

I Havn't seen the film , just watched the trailer . enjoy happy christmas



Got it! Thanks Have you seen it?

I've seen it, it makes the film I vowed never to remember look good

Have you found out about it yet.is is a scary movie. I now a woman who is pulling her hair out.everyday.

Ewww freaky film lol
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