Looking for true 4k telly around the 50 inch size but not greater than

Found 25th Dec 2017
Hi looking for a deal on a 50 inch ish telly with true 4k. Most seals seem to be for 55 inch plus. Any help and advice welcome as not kept too up to date with new telly tech.

Many thanks

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Budget? Is proper HDR important?

If you want a 'true' 4k TV, avoid any LG set bar oled and those with model numbers not ending in 850v or 950v.
Budget upto 1.5k
55 not fit or something? I've seen the 55" lg E7 - one of the best TVs you can buy for less than that. Economies of scale on screen sizes mean whatever 50" you find will not be as good, 55" is one of the most popular sizes.
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Probably what I'd go for (read comments though, cheaper elsewhere)
Awww thanks for your advice, size was the issue. A 55 incher felt like it may be too big. However the 55 inch deals seem much better so may get one and see how it goes
I'm not sure what you mean by 'true' 4K, but generally the best options for picture quality at 50" are the Sony XE90, Samsung Q7 and Panasonic EX750, although if you're not in any hurry I'd wait a couple of years for HDR broadcasts to start and 49" OLED panels to become available.
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