looking for uhd or 4k 55" TV for about £750-£950 any help?

    Hi all,

    looking for 55" TV.

    should last me 5+ years.

    I had samsung 46C8000 which I sold hence looking for a new one.

    budget: £750 - £950max.

    many thanks.


    What specs do you want it to have?

    Original Poster

    totally new to this so something that improves quality, we watch a lot of Sports, movies or Children's channels.

    something better then my Samsung I had.

    sorry for not being helpful but I have no idea what I'm after interms of spec.

    I was the same as you about 2 weeks ago, I highly recommend doing a fair bit of research on google, AV Forums, Youtube etc. it will help you to decide what sort of 4k TV you want. Budget/ Mid-Range/ High End, I want to get a good deal on a high-end 2016 UHD TV as the Mid-Range Tv's all seem to fall short for the specs I want for under £800. so I'm going to have to wait a bit longer. From my research though I can definitely tell you for a fact that you need to be educated before buying your next Tele, There are some badly made ones floating about with issues, and other TV's that companies/stores are claiming to be 4k/UHD when they don't even have the newer HDMI 2.0 ports that are required to show 4k/UHD content.

    ...I still own a 720p LCD Samsung TV that I've had since around 2010 and my brother has very recently bought himself a 1080p LED HD Samsung TV and it looks alot nicer than my dated 720p model, But although I'd probably be very happy with a nice quality 1080p full HD upgrade, I would rather go all out if I am going to get a new TV and jump from 720p to 4k since 4k seems to be going cheaper by the day. <<< I found this website very good for categorising the TV's what they've reviewed into seperate sections for gaming, Movies, General Use, Etc. I reckon you should bookmark it for future reference, AV Forums is good too, but they seem to have only reviewed TV's that are alot more expensive.

    ...Also found this website really useful, they know what sort of things you want to look for to make sure the TV you buy is "Future Proof" and not obsolete in a year or 2.

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    thanks everyone so far.

    Ive got one of these for sale for £1,000…DZ2
    Sony 65S8005C 3D Curved screen 4K 65-inch Ultra HD TV (Android TV, 4K Processor, 4K X-Reality Pro, Motionflow XR 800 Hz, Wi-Fi and NFC) - Black [Energy Class A]

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    after little bit of reading... I have two models

    Hisense M7000 and LG 55uf950v

    any ideas or feedback on these two?

    both at Richer Sounds.. m7000 is £800 and LG is £950.

    would you recommend any of these two?

    I'm in exactly the same boat as you, OP and am getting the Hisense 55m7000. Due back in stock at JL this or next week.

    A few updates have been confirmed for September (on big owners thread on av forum).

    I have this panel - it's last years Panasonic flagship model - HDR upgrade available via download - great tv.…089…798

    I'm thinking of getting this. I get 15% staff discount aswell. looks good to me!
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