Looking for Vacuum storage bags...Decent ones!

    Am needing vacuum storage bags - all sizes plus hanger ones...Saw them on JML and its just what I need as my house doesnt have much storage and with young kids and toys, and spare space I can recover by vacuuming other stuff would be great! I guess the JML ones will be pants as with mostof their stuff s any recommendations would be great...

    PS I stay rural in Scotland so prefer an online deal as only chain shops in my area are Somerfield and hydro Electric!

    Thanks All for any input!


    Morrisons have an offer if you buy a Jumbo one for £2 you get 2 small ones free.

    Or poundland have some............... dunno the price tho..........hehe!

    Got the mrs some from ebay -assorted sizes and well cheap

    i used 2 yesterday from poundland they are scented ones and i was really surprised on the size and quality of them in the past i have paid loads for them from betterware, not anymore i am going to stock up on them from good old poundland lol

    i bought some of the smelly ones from poundland but after a few days they needed vacuming again, they have got some at B and M £2.99 or 2 for £5 :thumbsup:

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    Think it will have to be Ebay - Morrisons 20 miles away and guess other two will be futher! so basically just buy cheap cos they are all okay?
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