looking for voltage/amp details of Lacie Power Supply

    HI there all - just a shot in the dark really...
    lost my power supply for a Lacie Desktop Hard Disk. Here are some picts of the model:

    Fixed links:


    cant find anywhere voltage details for the power adapter so i can use a cheap alternative - maybe one of you kind people have one and can check the print on it...



    Links not working]

    I'm not sure if you can use a cheap generic power supply with a Lacie drive. Don't they use connectors that look like Svid or PS/2 connectors still, with some supplying 3.3v and others supplying 12v?

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    well mine has a very standard looking round connector (you can see in the link to the pictures i've posted) - i think they use different types on their drives

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    just bumping up - maybe the new day brings new viewers who owns this drive...

    I don't have the drive but in all likelihood it will be a 12V DC input (centre/inside connector positive) capable of providing 2A...
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