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Found 17th Sep 2017
The last time I had one was around 2007 when i still recorded to tape and the ones I had were good, they had really good sound on them and very high volume but I can't remember the makes. I know i had a few walkmans but they are not cheap second hand now. Does anyone know the best way to get hold of a good one for cheap? I got one today but the sound is not very good and the volume is very low. I remember ones I had that were not that expensive and they gave really good sound and were really loud and clear in your headphones. Anyone have any advice? Thanks.
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There are loads of cheap ones on Amazon and some have lots of reviews. Just have a look there.
Ebay be the best
Car boot. Seen them there to
I got one yesterday but it wasn't a brand named one and the volume is far too low and the sound quality is not very good at all. If i could get one like the ones I had I'd be happy. I know I had a fair few brands but obviously back in 2006 companies still made good quality ones cheap but I don't see any cheap Sony or Panasonic ones on Amazon. Ebay might be the answer but I just didn't know if there was any other sites that sold this kind of thing. I can't really travel to car boot sales anymore either or else I would be there every week. I am going to try and get to them though and try charity shops.
What sort of player are you after as most portable players aren't fantastic.

1) Are you just after one with volume boost and an EQ ?
2) Are trying to use the unit using headphones with very low resistance ?
3) Does the hiss annoy you and do you need Dolby B NR ?

I'm not a big fan of portable cassette players as they distort through motion, heat, humidity etc.
Try Gumtree as that is where i sold mine. Only ever owned Sony middle to top end ones and never really thought volume was an issue. What I will say is keep the tape heads clean, and use good headphones.
did they just sound good at the time cos thats all we had and would they all sound pretty crap nowadays in comparison to modern digital music
They sounded good at the time obviously as that's what most people had. In my mind my tapes sound good, i have a tape deck connected to an amplifier with my CD player and turntable, they sound pretty good, not as bright or loud as digital music but you can listen to them and enjoy them. The sound is good.

I don't think any of my Sony ones had any EQ, I remember bass boost. The hiss doesn't annoy me, and it's just for playing at home so no running or moving around quickly. I have a tape deck for my hifi setup which is very good and has Dolby B NR but this is just for portable listening for me and also my Dad. I don't know what else to say about the volume but I remember with the players I had I could listen to them in a room of people and couldn't hear what people were saying, that's how loud I remember them being but then again I had early days MP3 players which were extremely loud, you could turn it up so loud it was distorting the music, nowadays they have limiters for volume. I wish I could remember all the ones i had. The very last one I got which was new must have been 2006/2007 and I played some professional tapes, not home made ones and the sound from the Sony in earphones were fantastic and that's why I'm leaning towards Sony because I remember how good they were and I think I got that out of Argos and believe me I wouldn't have paid more than maybe £25 at the time so it wasn't high end at all but like you say, at the time that's mostly what we had so companies maybe put more time and effort into those things.

I've had a look today in some charity shops and never seen any. I wish I could hold one in person and try a tape there and then. I have all my tapes here but without getting them out I can't remember which tapes I used for personal recording but they hold up today, they are light blue in colour and were a little bit more expensive than others at the time and the stuff I got from radio was fine but back then I used to record from CD to tape and these tapes were fantastic, really loud and bright.

There's nothing at all on my local Gumtrees. I've also tried other selling sites and nothing local to my area. Am I right to go with Sony or do you think I should try Panasonic or Aiwa or another company?
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