Looking For Xbox Live 12 Months Subscription & Other Items

    hi all im new to this website just found it last night while looking for 12 months sub to xbox live anyway was just wondering if anyone could help me find cheapest price for this.

    also was wondering if anyone could also help me find cheapest price for a decent set of headsets that wont brake after a week.

    im also looking for cheapest prices for fight night champion, f12010 and pro evo 2011.


    Hi Cockyhammer, Welcome To HUKD!!! You accidentaly posted this in the Deals section, i have moved it to the correct section which is Deal Requests

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    ok thanks i did try posting in deal requests but it kept going back to deals, sorry for the inconvenience

    here is a deal for F1 2010

    if you check your xbox dashboard it should be £23.99 on there

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    hi agmayu thanks for the link to the f1deal ill prolly take it up because cant see it being any cheaper elsewhere.

    hi wonkey thanks for the info but ive not got anything on my dashboard there was something about a month ago but not anymor, i still have 2-3 weeks left on my sub could that be why?

    also i saw something on here where somepeople rung up xbox an got a free game with there live sub, does anyone know if this deal is still going?
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    went into game today and they have 12months for £29.99 (on offer)

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    hi nbeb thanks for the info illl have a look when im in norwich tomorrow.

    does anyone know of any deals for fight night champion or f12010

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    bumping this up
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